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How to make “patatas bravas” (recipe)


Patatas bravas —or simply ‘bravas’— is one of the favorite tapas for Madrilenians, as well as potato salad/Russian salad —ensaladilla rusa—, Spanish omelette —tortilla de patatas— and croquettes —croquetas— amongst many others. Good patatas bravas should be creamy inside and crispy outside, that’s why I normally do triple-cooked fries but without going crazy with times and temps, the extra time totally worths it.

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Spanish omelette

This omelette allows for many variations, however my choice is always with (a lot of) onion and no garlic (in most of the cases). And I use a lot of onions because that makes the omelets very juicy.  For this type of dish, it is preferred to use a teflon nonstick skillet / frying pan with rounded sides.

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Salmorejo, cold tomato soup


Everybody knows about gazpacho and I’m sure many of you already tried it. It’s one of our most well renown traditional dishes outside of Spain. But how many of you have heard about salmorejo? If you like tomatoes you will love this soup!


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Garlic soup



Hearty soup to warm you up.

In Spain, this soup always has Serrano Ham – a bad quality one, cheap but good enough to give flavor to the soup. Use it or not depends on if you find it in your country.  And if you want to spend the money getting Serrano Ham, I guess it won’t be cheap.


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