Salmorejo, cold tomato soup


Everybody knows about gazpacho and I’m sure many of you already tried it. It’s one of our most well renown traditional dishes outside of Spain. But how many of you have heard about salmorejo? If you like tomatoes you will love this soup!


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Mint lemonade


We’re still in May, but in Spain, it already feels like summer. This is the time of the year when my house smells like mint, and it’s so refreshing that I make it every two or three days.


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Garlic soup



Hearty soup to warm you up.

In Spain, this soup always has Serrano Ham – a bad quality one, cheap but good enough to give flavor to the soup. Use it or not depends on if you find it in your country.  And if you want to spend the money getting Serrano Ham, I guess it won’t be cheap.


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